27 Aug

Donation Of Gloves To Chung Hwa High School, Muar

CHHS_01This year we donated some gloves to ChungHwa High School, Muar for their communal work event.

Bentayan Hawker Center in Muar is a famous place for people to have good food; therefore, it has to be kept clean. However, the big ditch is like a moat surrounds the dining area, it is a tough cleaning task for students from Form 4 B class. These students had not only collected garbage at the carpark area, they have also used bamboo poles that came from nowhere to salvage the rubbish that precipitated in the ditch, such talented students!

The cleaning task of Fifth Avenue was given to students from Form 4 C & Form 3 D. Garbage strewn along the roadside, it takes a lot of effort to dig and clear them. While picking up the garbage, the gloves that students worn were frazzled. They were creative enough to wrap their hands with plastic bags and continue the cleaning. Although it was not an easy task, students from Form 4 C had high spirit to serve, they worked and sang happily.


The recreation park besides the main road is a well-known place for people to relax; it is full of visitors during weekends and holidays. When the number of visitors increases, there is more garbage found around the recreation park. Some junk falling on brick road, some were thrown into the fountain; students bent their knees in order to collect the rubbish from the fountain. Fountain at the park is not a rubbish collection area; everyone must take good care of it to maintain the good look of the fountain. Hope that through such cleaning activity, it allows students to clean and care for the community. We need to have a clear fountain at the recreation park, a nice spot that is clean and free of trash.