Corporate Responsibilities

CAREPLUS business philosophy is grounded on the principle of creating values for all stakeholders. CAREPLUS operates within the confine of the local community and physical environment in which it is obligated to perform its role as an exemplary corporate member and citizen. The key focus of our corporate responsibility policy is in the area of:



The Group will establish an honest and disciplined work culture to result in productive output that deliver value to our shareholders as well as ensuring succession plans are in place through training and personal development of key staff in order that a healthy employer-employee relationship may be established towards a long term human capital development of the Group.

We consciously work towards providing a safe and sociable working environment for all our employees as well as giving opportunities for self development through training and career growth. We place great emphasis on employee career growth to ensure they have better future with higher skill and value.

We are gender and race neutral and offer equal opportunities to any person who demonstrate ability, interest and loyalty to the Group.


We are responsible to uphold a harmonious relationship with our business and residential neighbors by ensuring the effects of our business does not cause inconvenience or health hazards to them. In this regards we will deal pro-actively on all matters pertaining to hygiene, waste disposal, air and wastewater pollution and traffic flow.


Wastewater Treatment
We have installed wastewater treatment plants to ensure that the water discharged from our production facilities are well within the acceptable environmental standards.

Water Conservation
We are adopting water conservation measures to control water usage. These include recycling and reusing some water for purposes of general cleaning.

Air Pollution Treatment
Our production plants are equipped with air scrubbers and dust collectors to reduce particle and gas emissions into the air that can irritate or harm the community.

Solid Waste Treatment
Solid wastes are disposed off responsibly in authorized treatment plants. In line with increasing global awareness for environment conservation, we will continue to conduct research to improve our waste management system and work closely with the authorities in meeting their required environmental standards. Waste reduction will always be of priority.


We believe that success must be co shared to those on the fringe of our community, those who need financial support and career assistance. We will support organizations set up to train disabled people, provide scholarships to poor students, give financial aids to societies created to provide medical care to the needy public as well as to public service agencies such as local Fire Department and the Police, and schools and religious organizations that depend on charities. We will also employ disabled persons to work in safe environment within the Group that can accommodate their disabilities and train our abled employees to treat them with dignity and respect.