Vision & Mission

We dare to believe that being a medium sized glove manufacturer is not a disadvantage but instead gives us the motivation to try harder. We believe that we have strong potentials to grow bigger and to dream dreams. Our Vision is to see ourselves ...

Becoming a branded and a preferred global provider of trusted quality barrier protection products.

And the Mission path we take shall be ...

To apply the healthcare industry best practices and technology to manufacture products of superior standards, employing a well trained and motivated workforce and collaborating with vendors who share our business philosophy, bearing in mind our focus on providing a safe workplace, preserving our environment and optimizing our financial returns to investors.

We shall apply the following core values and concepts in our business operation and transactions:

  • Diligence and industry in every endeavour
  • Trust and integrity with our vendors and customers
  • Faith in people potential given the opportunity and respect to excel
  • Wealth is multiplied through co-sharing efforts
  • Success is the reward of hard work, patience and humility
  • Goodwill is a producer of prosperity